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So it's no wonder when Hai Xing called upon Qian Rui to help out the volleyball team, Qian Rui tried everything to wiggle out of it.He was more interested in romancing the beautiful Jia Kai Lin (Cindy Song) than sweating it out with his best pal. In particular, the series had ten songs from different artists, released in their respective albums. It looked more like Shi Lang was pretending to listen to music but he eavesdropped in on them hence the smile.

Growing up together, Bai Qian Rui (Godfrey Gao) and Xin Hai Jing (Annie Chen) never saw one another as more than friends.heheh Probably a POSITIVE thing for them to freely do what they want to do without worrying about paparazzi's or their fans making it awkward for them like last time. It wasn't clear if he was in a relationship with her. and omg i want to be able to see Fei Li's version of the [email protected] nope i havent seen that new show of Godfrey. I'm coming up with so many ideas that I'm not sure which direction to go... But it kinda was written that he was in love with her to have abandoned his "adventure king" show. I'll try if i can find that article on my history tab. There's just something more versatile with *THESE* two. heheh My friend sent to me this and she told me : A singer had to sing about 8 goddesses in his eyes. But for Nini he sang :"Annie is the goddess that had the most sweet/lovely face and smile, if you don't believe go and ask Hu Yu Wei."庭妮的笑容最美 不信你就去問胡宇威Mandarin speakers, is it right ? that's probably one of the sweetest movie ever! that would be definitely be in a whole different level as in way up there hahaha i think it would've been better if the LA story include more of the mafia and ex girlfriend scenes…that's a lot of wasted plot right there! I'm a bit too exhausted but like promised, I will try to post a continuation of it! If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. Chen Ba Ba and Chen Ma Ma were quite sneaky themselves. Nice, Qi and Cheng dodged out of the situation as well! The four crazy brothers must have gotten that from them.

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