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I'd never thought to ask a dog if they liked to base jump before. In , you get placed across the table from a variety of smouldering pug hotties, and you have to get to know them in a hurry.Then again, I've never gone to a speed dating night for dogs, either. Basically what I'm saying is that George Batchelor's , a game of conversation with pugs during a speed dating night, was life-changing. You're given a handful of conversation options to ask, and each pug reacts differently to what you say. It's all pretty ridiculous and disarming considering you're talking to a dog, but they're actually decent questions to ask to get to know someone.

These conversations are sometimes awkward, sometimes self-esteem destroying, but they evoke way more real feelings of unguarded, eager, and frightened human interaction. You can go on a variety of dates and even have to defeat some bad guys who are standing in your way. the original Pico Sim Date is another good place to start. We really think you're going to enjoy every aspect of this game.Looking around, you can see we have collected together the very best sim dating Flash games to play online for free.You can vote for Truck Hidden Wheels game and if you liked the game, also you can embed Truck Hidden Wheels to your page/profile.Click on the textbox below to automatically select all, and right-click to copy your Truck Hidden Wheels code!

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