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It’s user intuitive, its learning curve is smooth and anyone with a small training can use it properly.“in Flow is really quick, easy to use and very flexible.

The central part of Stocking Island features an inlet known as Hurricane Hole where sailboats anchor for protection during storms, and which features a blue hole.Even as my business has changed, In Flow has always been able to keep up.The work order system is very robust, and everything just works.”“We have been using In Flow inventory software since 2007 and it has proven to be the most reliable, user-friendly, and costs saving software tool to manage our inventory, sales and purchase all together. You can easily set up a complete barcode system for your business to improve your accuracy and efficiency.Download free edition No email or credit card required Experience reports that are actually useful. Track all your inventory-related costs and run reports to see your sales totals, cost of goods sold, taxes collected, profit margin, inventory value on hand, and more! Use the dashboard to see best selling products, outstanding orders, who owes you money and more.“I’ve used In Flow for several years, through some serious growth spurts.

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Opposite Hurricane Hole is a sandbar beach called the Spit where locals have built a popular bar/restaurant accessible only by boat known as Chat and Chill.

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