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However, back in her day, Miss Evans was a spectacular looking beauty with an amiable, approachable personality that won her legions of fans and made her a household name.

The child of two professional dancers, she was born Linda Evenstad in Hartford, Connecticut in 1942.

It’s not that Lee’s friends particularly care whether or not their actor friend has married again.It turns out that Linda and Krystle could be the same person.In other words, each is almost too good to be true. Evans, however, is not only real but really, , she looks back on a life well lived and lived well.Her very first professional TV gig, in 1960, was on a series called , a vehicle for film actor John Forsythe who starred as a man raising his teenaged niece.Evenstad (which was soon changed to Evans) played one of the niece’s friends and Forsythe took care to help the fledgling actress get through her first big job.

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According to Wikipedia: Linda Evans is an American actress known primarily for her roles on television.

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